As part of the strategy of the new Peugeot to accelerate growth in the domestic market and achieve a leading position in all its segments, the French brand launches in Brazil a new generation of utility vehicle to increase its line and become a reference in the segment : the Peugeot Expert.With a striking and robust style, the vehicle, which arrives on the market with a special launch price of R $ 79,990, offers comfort and a high level of safety. Modern design, in line with the European model, the Peugeot Expert stands out for its versatility and fuel economy. As the utilities are also part of the brand’s DNA, the EMP2 platform, used in the Peugeot 3008, was also created to be adapted to the Peugeot Expert, combining strength, strength and comfort to the van.Peugeot, which is experiencing an unprecedented moment in Brazil after realizing the restructuring of its dealer network and offering the most modern line of passenger cars in its history in the country, is advancing with its development strategy, now in the segment of light commercial vehicles. The brand, leader in the VUL segment in Europe and with outstanding positions in Chile and Argentina, had already begun the offensive in Brazil with the creation of a dedicated network, the Peugeot Professional Centers, in addition to the relaunch of Partner. Gradually, the van has captured a significant share of the utility market and today holds a 10% share of sales in the entire segment.Now, the brand will use all this vast knowledge and structure to advance not only in the country, but also throughout Latin America. More than that: surprise customers by the high quality of their products and services.One of the most versatile on the market.

Peugeot Expert, which will be commercialized in Brazil from FENATRAN – in two models (Expert Business 1.6 and Expert Business Pack 1.6) and two colors (Aluminum Gray and White Branquise). With a payload of 1,500 kg and a volume of up to 6.6 m3, the 5.30 m long van is versatile, designed for transport in urban stretches and able to access parking lots, docks and any kind of loading and unloading site with up to 1.94 m maximum height.Another point that grants the title of one of the most versatile of the market to the Peugeot Expert is the Moduwork, equipment that allows the increase of space to carry long loads. With the ease of lifting the passenger side seat from this modularity, the utility frees space with a flat bottom surface and allows even greater productivity to the vehicle. It is one of the few vans to offer additional volume with a flat floor.The practical cover on the partition can also open and further increase the useful length (4 meters). For those who need a place for other functions, the Peugeot Expert can even transform into a true mobile office: the central armrest lowers and turns out to be a handy clipboard.The side door is sliding and the rear doors, 50/50, have 90 ° opening, can reach a 180 ° angle, which facilitate loading and unloading, since they do not touch the ground of the supply areas – such as docks of the centers logistics. With the opening even split, it is easy to advance a forklift. The floor is high and ergonomically positioned, facilitating proper positioning for loading and unloading.Indoor comfort.From the footrest to the raised seats, on board the Peugeot Expert who commands is the comfort. All to facilitate a more efficient and less tiring driving in long routes, which reflects in a higher productivity. The driving position is functional and ergonomic, offering a steering position with adjustable height, headrest, armrest and adjustment of length and height. The passenger seat for two still has storage space below the seat.The cabin, which has 60 liters of cabinets, has a pleasant temperature, ensured by the reinforced refrigeration circuit, and acoustic insulation of the engine, which prevents noise.

The dashboard aligns in top position, making it easy to read the information needed for the job requirements in a utility. There are four quadrants with a needle and a central LCD screen, which displays, among other data, the indications of the on-board computer, speed governor and GSI (gear shift indication).Added to all these items is the electro-hydraulic steering, with steering wheel, adjustable in height and depth – allied to the modular platform of the vehicle – the robust suspension, variable damping and the driver will, in fact, have the sensation of driving a vehicle of tour. In fact, the suspension deserves attention aside, after all has been an important point analyzed by experts to meet the demanding shooting conditions in Latin America. In order to improve performance, the adaptation of the assembly was based on the development of longer springs in order to provide an additional 30 mm of minimum ground clearance compared to the European standard version. It complements the adaptation, a 20 mm thick crankcase protector, which protects the engine and the impact box and the entry of foreign elements.Motorization, economy and emissionsThe Peugeot Expert is also a reference in motorization of its segment. Equipped with an excellent performance engine – BlueHDi 1.6 Diesel 115 hp / 295 Nm – combined with a six-speed manual transmission, the vehicle has the best fuel consumption in its category and range of up to 1,000 km.

The new Peugeot van also has the lowest level of pollutant emissions. This is due to its EURO 6 engine – a set of regulatory standards on the emission of pollutants for diesel engines which, compared to the current norm, foresees an even greater reduction of these gases.The Peugeot Expert also delivers a robust start-up – both flat and level with the help of Hill Assist – and engine protection activated when the temperature reaches 105 °.SafetyIn commercial vehicles, the locking system is an indispensable safety component. The Peugeot Expert allows you to keep the cargo space closed when the cab is unlocked. This from the selectivity at the aperture, activated via button on the panel. In this way, by pressing once, only the front region is opened and, if pressed twice, the whole car is unlocked.If the vehicle is opened by breaking one of the windows, the opening buttons of the cab are inactive. This means that in case of theft, the cargo space can not be unlocked by the panel, which allows full loading safety.The brake system consists of front and rear discs, the front ones being vented. In addition, it is equipped with stability control, the ESP, a fundamental safety item that prevents the driver from losing control of the vehicle in risky situations, such as sharp turns, sudden detour of routes or slippery floors.The Peugeot Expert also has the Coffee Stop Alert equipment, which suggests to the driver – by means of a luminous alert in the cluster – to stop the vehicle after two hours guiding above 65 km / h.In terms of safety in the event of a collision, the Peugeot Expert is equipped with two front airbags to protect the head and chest of all passengers.

2018 – PEUGEOT 308 SW

With more than 760,000 units sold since its launch, the Peugeot 308 is one of the most important models of the manufacturer. With the arrival of this renewal, the brand hopes to write a new chapter in the history of the 308. The new Peugeot 308 was renovated mainly from the inside and to a lesser extent outside.Now it has all the driving aids that can already be found in the latest launches of the French manufacturer, the Peugeot 3008 and 5008. With a fluid and elegant style, its expressive design is present in the six levels of finish that make up the its line: Access, Active, Allure, GT Line, GT and GTi.The new Peugeot 308 2018 will still be available in two body types: Hatchback and SW. Taking a look at the front, you can see that it has a new hood with sharp lines and the new drawing grid with the characteristic lion and the lettering ‘Peugeot’. To this is necessary to add the new bumper and the newly designed headlights with LED lighting for daytime running. The upper versions have Full LED headlights.Looking at the rear, in addition to the new bumper, the lenses of the lanterns were darkened. Depending on the finish set, the exhaust outlets will be visible or not. The customization options have been enhanced with three new aluminum wheels and a ten-color palette for the body that will be available at the time of the launch of the new Peugeot 308.Inside, a more refined space emerges with an evolution that seeks to strengthen its strengths.

The new Peugeot i-Cockpit will be present, it will debut the ‘Shift and Park by Wire’ command on models with the EAT8 automatic transmission, there is a new touch screen and a new selection of upholstery and higher quality finishes.Connectivity will be one of the strengths of the new Peugeot 308 and Peugeot 308 SW. Its infotainment system is compatible with MirrorLink, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.The driving aid systems were one of the aspects that the brand sought to reinforce. Among other technologies, the new 308 will feature a collision risk alert function, active alert of involuntary change of rolling range, alert of driver’s attention, automatic lighting of the lights, recognition of traffic signals, Visiopark 1, regulator of with Stop, Park Assist and the blind spot warning.There are important news regarding the engines. Added to the offer are new, more efficient gasoline and diesel engines. In terms of gasoline, a new PureTech 130 S & S engine comes with a new six-speed manual transmission. This mechanic will not be available until the end of this year. The other big innovation on the line is the arrival of the BlueHDi 130 S & S diesel engine combined with the aforementioned manual transmission.Another change that undergoes the mechanical part is the Peugeot 308 GT with BlueHDi 180 S & S engine and which debuts the new generation EAT8 automatic transmission.The new Peugeot 308 and 308 SW are produced at the PSA Group plant in Sochaux (France).


Finally, after several images that were part of his design, this retro-futuristic prototype of Peugeot is presented before its scheduled launch for the Paris Salon 2018, which will be celebrated next October.This is the new Peugeot e-Legend Concept, an electric coupe that pays homage to the Peugeot 504 Coupe of 1969. Aesthetically the e-Legend can rightly replicate the main features of the 504, such as its main optical groups, the taillights, plus the shape of the pillars, the ceiling and even the hood. Even the front grille is topped by the old-fashioned Peugeot logo, just as it was half a century ago when the 504 Coupe was introduced to the public.So does the interior design, which features natural wood trims and deep blue velvet upholstery, a gigantic central console display, and a retractable steering wheel as it incorporates standalone driving technology.Regarding mechanics, the Peugeot e-Legend Concept is a purely electric car, equipped with four electric motors, one for each wheel, which together develop 460 horsepower. According to data provided by the manufacturer, it is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h in less than 4 seconds.The 100 kWh batteries are located on the floor and with full load the e-Legend allows a range of 600 kilometers, according to the WLTP approval cycle. They rely on inductive load technology and in just 25 minutes they can accumulate sufficient energy to run 500 kilometers.
This is not the first electric prototype of the French brand, since they had previously presented two others. For the time being the manufacturer has not confirmed whether this 21st century Peugeot 504 will go into production, but the French will be assessing the reaction of the public in the Paris auto event to decide the future of this conceptual work that regains the design of an iconic model of the French brand.

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